Michel Cullum Associates, Inc. - Marketing for the Entrepreneur

Michel Cullum Associates, Inc. | Who we are…

We are a dedicated team of marketing professionals, graphic artists and programmers who are ready to go to work for you. At Michel Cullum Associates, we believe every advertising dollar is an investment. That’s why we combine marketing tools and techniques, advertising savvy and dynamite design to create unforgettable marketing materials and campaigns that get you noticed….And that gives you more time to focus on your forté: running your business.

In a Nutshell, What We Offer…

Excellence, in both the creative and technical aspects of design. This means we’re fast and that translates into savings for you—both in time and money.

Backgrounds in sales, marketing, design, writing, and programming — the designs we develop do not sacrifice form for function; each is created with sound sales principles, crisp text, dynamic eye-catching design and impeccable programming. This means our pieces are effective and that turns your advertising expenses into investments.

Knowledge of our industry, allowing us to maximize, yet work within the limitations of, current technology. This means our clients receive the best possible design— whether it’s a business card, a four-color flyer, or an enterprise-level web site.

Associations with printers and other vendors which offer our clients special discounts helping to make the cost of our services even more practical.

Harness the power of creative thinking. Whether it’s web design or corporate identity development, you could have a team of graphic artists and programmers with backgrounds in sales, marketing, and writing, show you the “storm” in “brainstorm.” We can take any project from concept to finished piece, make your fully-fleshed ideas happen, or anything in between.