Michel Cullum Associates, Inc. - Marketing for the Entrepreneur

We specialize in helping small-to-medium sized companies look larger, project success and compete on a whole new level. This “facelift” not only grants you access to a higher level of business, but it boosts your team’s self-esteem and reinvigorates your company.

If your company has an outstanding product or service, it needs to look the part. You deserve a corporate image that uniquely fits your company. That’s where we come in. When we get our creative juices flowing, we capture your company’s essence, bottle it into a logo, brand it into your marketing and encode it into your website — All within your budget.

You’ll enjoy the ripple effect on the rest of your business, too. With your logo, website and printed materials looking the part, larger and better clients will be attracted to your professional image.

In a world where people do judge a book by its cover, first impressions do count. You need to look like a corporate giant to compete in today’s marketplace — even if you are a small to medium business!

We’ll help you:

  • WOW your prospects
  • Catch their attention
  • Spark their curiosity
  • Entice them to act
  • Keep them interested.

That way, your business will thrive.

At Michel Cullum Associates, we believe every advertising dollar is an investment. That’s why we combine marketing tools and techniques, advertising savvy and dynamite design to create unforgettable marketing materials and campaigns that get you noticed….And that gives you more time to focus on your forté: running your business.

Success is the result of decisions you make. Make the decision to be successful. Let our creative juices go to work for you.